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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The 2015 RyMickey Awards - Worst Performance

There are some big names on this list this year unfortunately -- one of whom was even Oscar-nominated for the very performance you'll find listed below which should be a reminder that your humble reviewer isn't simply a sheep following the critical flock.

Worst Performances of 2015
(SoN = Streaming on Netflix / SoA = Streaming on Amazon / SoH = Streaming on HBO)
(Underlined films will link to original reviews)

(Dis)Honorable Mentions
(in alphabetical order)
Jessica Chastain - Crimson Peak
Johnny Depp - Mortdecai
Wentworth Miller - The Loft (SoN)

And the Bottom Five Are...

#5 - Isabel Lucas - The Loft
Making a repeat visit to the RyMickey Worst Performances list, the picture above is probably the moment in which her character looked the most alive because when her eyes are opened, there's nothing there.  (SoN)

#4 - Keanu Reeves - Knock Knock
Dumbfounded looks and dry line readings land Reeves on the list.

#3 - Natalie Martinez - Self/less
A model-turned-actress who I'm convinced can't effectively emote onscreen.  Furrowing your eyebrows doesn't equal emotion.

#2 - Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl
Eddie Redmayne came "oh so close" to winning my 2014 Best Actor Award for his gripping performance in The Theory of Everything so I was excited to see how he'd follow up that film.  2014 brought us the one-two punch of Jupiter Ascending (for which he won the Razzie) and The Danish Girl (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award).  So you may be asking if I placed the wrong film title next to his name above.  No, I have not.  To me, rather than dig into the role of a man medically transitioning to become a woman, Redmayne gives an overly mannered paint-by-numbers performance.  Every moment of Redmayne's performance feels as if he is "acting" as opposed to "inhabiting" -- he's like a soft-spoken audio-animatronic rather than a real person.  Everything about the role screamed, "Give me another Oscar," as opposed to forming a true character.    (SoH)

#1 - Rebel Wilson - Pitch Perfect 2
One can see in the images above from a single scene from Pitch Perfect 2 that Rebel Wilson's acting skills are anything but subtle.  Her shtick as gotten tiresome and her interpretation of Fat Amy in this film series adds nothing to the film other than initiating eye rolls of frustration from viewers.  She really is becoming gradually unwatchable and needs to find a way to curb back the in-your-face bluntness of her one-note humor. (SoH)

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