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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The 2015 RyMickey Awards - Best Supporting Actor

The weakest of this year's acting categories (ensemble and youngest actor included), Best Supporting Actor had the least amount of contenders vying for a top five berth.  Quite honestly, were I an Oscar or Screen Actors Guild voter, my top spot would be the only one for whom I'd have been really rooting.  Rather shockingly, you'll note that only one of the men nominated for an Oscar finds his way to my list.  Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Christian Bale (The Big Short), Tom Hardy (The Revenant), and Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight) simply didn't blow me away or move me in any way.  Much talk was also made of Jacob Tremblay from Room missing out in the Best Supporting Actor category -- I find the talented young actor to have a leading role in that film which is why you won't find him here either.

Best Supporting Actor of 2015
(SoN = Streaming on Netflix // SoA = Streaming on Amazon // SoH = Streaming on HBO)

In the Running
(in alphabetical order)
Bobby Canavale - Danny Collins (SoA)
Sam Elliott - Grandma
Michael Shannon - 99 Homes - (SoA)

And the Top Five Are...

#5 - Emory Cohen - Brooklyn
Emory Cohen brings a charm and naturalness to the very Italian character of Tony Fiorelli.  We readily understand what Saoirse Ronan's character of Eilis sees in Tony.  It's tough not to have a smile on your face as Cohen's Tony looks lovingly on his new girlfriend. (SoH)

#4 - Oscar Isaac - Ex Machina
Too smart for his own good, Oscar Isaac's portrayal of reclusive tech genius Nathan is a bit ominous from the outset growing infinitely moreso as Ex Machina continues.  His intelligence is what is most frightening and Isaac conveys that quite well.

#3 - Idris Elba - Beasts of No Nation
Giving a fantastic no-nonsense performances, Elba's character should be hugely frightening, but it's a credit to the actor that we understand why his minions listen to him.  It isn't just out of fear -- he's charmed them into a corrupt way of life and this fine line is walked well by the actor. (SoN)

#2 - Seth Rogen - Steve Jobs
Usually the star, Rogen is relegated to second banana here, but his Steve Wozniak is desperate for attention from his father figure in Steve Jobs.  Rogen's depiction of Woz's woeful despondency and his deteriorating relationship with Jobs is a huge emotional crux of the piece for me. (SoH)

#1 - Sylvester Stallone - Creed
In Creed, Stallone's Rocky Balboa is a bit more weathered, a bit more wearied of jumping back into the boxing world.  His pace of everything -- the way he talks, the way he walks -- has slowed as time and his boxing past has taken its toll on him.  Stallone plays Rocky very vulnerable here and this adds huge layers to a character we've known for a long time.  I found myself quite moved by Stallone -- more than I ever could have expected -- and I think this is a fitting end (if it is the end) to this beloved character.

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