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Friday, September 04, 2015

The 2014 RyMickey Awards - Best Younger Actor/Actress

For the purposes of this category, nominees must be under 21 years of age at the time of the film's release.  Placing in this category does not preclude placing in other acting categories.

Continuing what will be a trend you will see in my 2014 awards, there are no females on the list below.  While 2013 was a stellar year for actresses, 2014 was a disappointment on all fronts and this category is no exception.

Best Younger Actor/Actress of 2014
(SoN = Streaming on Netflix / SoA = Streaming on Amazon Prime)

Honorable Mentions
#8 - Jude Swanberg - Happy Christmas (SoN)
Jude Swanberg isn't acting here...he's way too young.  But he's so gosh darn cute, I couldn't help but include him.

#7 - Rohan Chand - Bad Words

#6 - Tye Sheridan - Joe (SoN)

And the Top Five are...

#5 - Jaeden Lieberher - St. Vincent
In his debut performance, young Mr. Lieberher was funny and charming, holding his own opposite comic heavyweights Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.  I'm slightly worried that his second role in Aloha felt a little bit like more of the same, but considering how abysmal that Cameron Crowe pic was, I'm willing to give Lieberher another shot.

#4 - Ansel Elgort - The Fault in Our Stars
The ladies are fawning over Ansel Elgort's handsomeness, but his movie star looks are certainly not what place him here.  Instead, his role in The Fault in Our Stars as the optimistic Augustus exuded charisma that welcomed viewers in.  While new to the movie scene, he's proven himself captivating in several films thus far.

#3 - Tony Revolori - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Relative newcomer Tony Revolori fits right in to the quirkiness of Wes Anderson's dialog and aesthetic.  It's a difficult task that isn't always achievable by those in the director's films, but Revolori holds his own against a formidable cast.

#2 - Alex Lawther - The Imitation Game
Alex Lawther has a difficult job in The Imitation Game.  Considering the odd tics and idiosyncrasies of Alan Turing as an adult (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), Lawther needed to match these same quirks as the younger version of the character.  He does this admirably well, allowing the audience to see the obvious evolution of Turing from teen to adult.  A difficult role, but one that is performed successfully.

#1 - Noah Wiseman - The Babadook
Some have called Noah Wiseman's performance grating or obnoxious.  I say to those naysayers, "That's the point."  As a kid dealing with his father's death, Wiseman's Sam wears his mother (and the audience) down.  As the film continues, his character needs to believably change into a strong, helpful young kid and Wiseman totally sells it.  Great work in his only film role to date.

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