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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The 2014 RyMickey Awards Are Coming!

The RyMickey Awards make their triumphant return a week from today -- September 1.

Yes, I realize that is nine months after 2014 came to an end, but slow and steady wins the race and my handful of readers will be all the more intrigued by having waited this long to find out their humble blogger's take on the over 175 movies he watched released in 2014.  For some strange reason, I feel the need to be as thorough as possible and my arbitrary deadline of August 31 for my 2014 movie watching is rapidly approaching.

Overall, 2014 had many good films, but very few great ones (as a matter of fact, I gave out the least number of 'A' grades in 2014 since 2010).  Still, there were some nice performances, including what was probably the most packed race I've ever seen in the Best Actor department.  However, as you'll soon discover, the Actress line-up vying for their awards were decidedly slim.

Does Oscar-winner Birdman make the cut?  Or will it find itself left on the sidelines?  Make sure you check back daily (for a few more 2014 reviews) and then next Tuesday for the beginning of the 2014 RyMickey Awards.

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